Sean Welsh

Sean Welsh is a co-founder and CTO of Engine No. 2, a digital transformation agency working with healthcare professionals in Australia. Engine No. 2 helps clinicians understand and access technology through education, virtual CTO On Demand services and boutique advisory.

Bringing over 20 years of experience in IT systems, coding, artificial intelligence and the digital space, Sean’s worked with IT before it was IT. 

Working with big-name brands in Australia and around the world, Sean was responsible for writing the code that enabled large data migration projects from outdated technology to new, as well developing cutting edge technical solutions for enterprise.

Sean understands the technology landscape across sectors and how clinical practitioners can use it to deliver superior healthcare outcomes. 

Sean was awarded a PhD in Philosophy by the University of Canterbury in 2019.  A keen observer of emerging technology, his research explored ethics and artificial intelligence. Sean continues to research and publish in the areas of governance, regulation and the moral impact of technology.

Sean is a powerful speaker and talks about ethics, moral decision-making, robotics and artificial intelligence.

When he’s not keeping up to date with robotics and emerging technologies, Sean relaxes by writing novels or indulging his love of all things culinary by whipping up a feast in the kitchen. 


Postgraduate Certificate in Statistics, University of Canterbury, 2020

PhD, University of Canterbury, 2013-2019

BA(Hons), University of New South Wales, 1982-1987



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Book Sections

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Papers and book reviews

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