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Whether you’re just starting out with healthcare technology or looking to deepen your knowledge on a particular topic the Engine No. 2 Healthcare Technology Article Hub has something for you.  Start with explainers that explain IT fundamentals and day to day systems that make your business easier or jump straight into artificial intelligence, interoperability, and online medical apps.  

Offering thought leadership and updates on the latest heath tech developments, our articles are written by Technology expert and Engine No. 2 CTO, Sean Welsh, PhD.

What is Computation?

Books have been written on the theory of computation but I shall keep it simple. Computation is the transformation of sequences of symbols according to precise rules. A series of such rules is often called an algorithm. An algorithm is a recipe for solving a...

What is Digital Transformation?

Here are a few answers. CIO magazine says digital transformation is “the implementation of new technologies, talent, and processes to improve business operations and satisfy customers.” According to Salesforce, “Digital transformation is the process of using digital...