About Engine No.2

Technology for personalised healthcare

You’re feeling the pressure to embrace new technology and you don’t know where to start. You’ve kept pace with telehealth, video health, monitoring apps on smartphones and you know more change is coming. But you’re not sure what would work best for you.


You’re worrying all this digital talk will dictate the way you work, affect your patient time and empty your bank account in the process. And even then, it mightn’t work because machines aren’t as good as people. 


We get it.

Introducing Engine No. 2

We believe everyone deserves better healthcare outcomes and embracing technology will help us get there.  

A fresh approach to health technology, we bring the expertise and the commercial acumen, but we’ve ditched the “tech talk”, the clipboards and the judgement.  We understand running a business is stressful, managing cash flow is a day-to-day process and your cash is limited. If technology doesn’t support your goal, you don’t need it.

It’s all about people 

We’re “people people” like you. We work with the “people people” in health to harness technology that makes your business easier and solutions that enhance the people focussed parts of your work you enjoy so much. 

We’re at our best when we’re helping non-technical people understand and relate to technology. We’re about giving you the confidence to look at your business as a CEO and help you decipher where technology fits in and enables your bigger future. So, you can move forward with confidence and deliver your care the way you want to.

We take great joy in empowering you to be better at what you do. 

Our Mission

To help patient-facing clinicians deliver better healthcare experiences.


Encouraging open, authentic and curious conversations

Treating everyone with honesty, dignity and respect

Serving with the highest regard for competency, compassion and courtesy

The faces of Engine No. 2

Alex Hanlon

Alex co-founded Engine No. 2 with Sean. Alex works with you to understand your business, the challenges you have now and what you’d like to see.  An expert in organisational transformation and change management, Alex led the post-earthquake recovery program for the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Responsible for a complete IT transformation, Alex readied the University for a full digital transformation.  A keen participant in humanity, Alex chases the big problems, ready to be part of the solution. She sees a future where everyone has access to superior health outcomes and wants to help make it a reality.


Alex is an accredited mediator, sits on the board of the New Zealand Child Cancer Foundation and is Co-Chair of Reconciliation Queensland.

Alex’s downtime moments are filled with reading (history quite a bit at the moment) and drawing. Read more

Sean Welsh

Co-founding Engine No. 2 with Alex, Sean delivers the solutions. Working with code before Google existed, there’s not much Sean doesn’t know about technology and what it can do for health care.   Sean made his first sale on the internet in 1995 and went on to build a booking system for the family tourism business. Described as an affable “people-geek” Sean has worked with big-name brands on major IT and technology projects. He can take your challenge then design a solution with ease.

Sean was awarded his PhD in 2019, writing about artificial intelligence. Sean continues to research and write about ethics and governance around artificial intelligence. He remains vigilant about morality, privacy and humanity in AI.

It’s not all robots and code though. Sean likes to get in the kitchen and get hands-on with food. Read more


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