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Technology for clinical professionals. Shaping what’s possible with medical IT support.

No one understands your medical practice better than you. Sure, it’s got room to improve, and it’d be delightful if your computer meant you got to spend more time with your patients and an end to all those hours spent on paperwork. But between your patients, the day to day and the volume of technology options available, choosing the right medical IT and developing a truly automated support system for your practice is daunting. 

Especially if you don’t have IT staff and solutions you’ve tried before have been disappointing, and expensive. It’s hard to know where to start.

Your virtual Chief Technology Officer

At Engine No. 2 we’re re-calibrating your experience with technology. Our virtual CTO on Demand service is your expert on call, taking the guesswork out of IT and medical technology so you’re confident to make decisions about where you want your business to go.

Bringing an eclectic mix of technology, creative problem solving and commercial acumen, we take the time to understand your people, business, and clinical ecosystem. We help you imagine a bigger future in health care and deliver the digital solutions to propel you there.  


Information that’s easy to understand so you can make decisions

Decision support 

Get above the noise. Clear advice on the IT options specific to you

Experts on demand

Peace of mind knowing you have expert support when you need it

Cashflow conscious

Fit your budget and cash flow. We get to know your business 

People first technology

We match people with technology to improve healthcare 

“14% of pathology tests are ordered due to lack of access to patient history”

National Digital Health Strategy

How we can help

Smart Choices Consultation

No idea where to start with technology? Wish you had someone to talk through how to get organised with technology? Book a 90-minute consultation with an expert to get clear on where you are now and explore what you can do in the future.

Bonus: a written report detailing your position including recommendations for the three next best steps.

Chief Technology Officer on Demand

Wish you had someone to talk to about your IT challenges? Or an expert coach to guide the delivery of an IT project? What about a technology expert on tap?  We translate techno babble into easy-to-understand steps, enabling you to move forward with any project. Book your online CTO On Demand for 6, 9 or 12-week bundles. An expert on call means you’re not alone.

Digital Transformation Services

Want to see how technology can improve patient outcomes? We help you reframe your service offerings and leverage all technology has to offer. Then develop your strategy, establish your time frame and roll it out.

Reimagine your healthcare outcomes.

Want to get to know us better?

The Smart Choices Consultation was fabulous. It felt like a comfortable chat with purpose.  It felt like my business is important and didn’t dwell on my shortcomings, which was really reassuring. The report was concise, and I was thrilled to see the “Next Steps” section.  I’m looking forward to rolling out the technology to deliver what I’ve always wanted in my business.”

Caroline Lloyd | Director | The Therapy Nest

Engine No.2 team is extremely knowledgeable, and has helped translate technical issues, terms, data and processes into meaningful knowledge for us to act upon. Alex comfortably resides in a space between technical and operational and helps non-technical people to navigate through technology challenges, using language and concepts that make our tech issues easy to understand and then act upon.”

Monica Briggs | Chief Executive Officer | New Zealand Child Cancer Foundation

It’s been such a pleasure working with the team at Engine No.2.  Bringing business experience, vision and a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Engine No.2 has been instrumental in helping us craft our digital transformation. The team are responsive and insightful (and expert at helping we non-technical folk understand what is needed). I can’t thank you enough!”

Susan Turner-Kapsanis | Founder/Owner | Vitalis Health and Homecare

“Over 45% of respondents said they had difficulty accessing healthcare when they needed it. Top reasons given: cost, location and couldn’t get an appointment.”

National Digital Health Strategy

Still on the fence about how technology can help?

We’re watching clinicians embrace medical technology to stay relevant in the profession and meet changing patient expectations. Health consumers want more streamlined services and better control over their health outcomes.

What will happen if you wait and see?

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